If it's the cover when you first buy it, I believe it's clear, simply push the black piece upward. When you're finished, just pull on the two pieces and the cover will slide back into place over the connector. If there are any problems with your PNY flash drive, the most likely reason is the driver. .warranties-policies .support-solutions-link a i { Input following commands successively and press Enter after each. analyzes a great number of mechanical attributes. As a result of scanning, the errors found on the disk can be corrected. The advanced edition of aforementioned software also supports formatting USB drive in command prompt, and you canupgrade to Professional experience more. Press " Windows " + " R " simultaneously, input " regedit " and hit " Enter ". 2. z-index: 3; 2023 Best Buy. Alternatively, you can drag and drop files. Plus, you can preview images and document files before recovery. How to remove encryption from Flash drive Original Title: PNY Attache 4GB USB flashdrive On my desktop with Windows 7 Home Premium I set the passwords the device prompted me to enter and I copied several files to it. Is there any way to get me out of the trouble?. In some cases, the file system on a PNY Flash Drive can be repaired with the command CHKDSK. Such services are more practical when things come to backing up a series of files. Abort the Windows installation or reset operation. -->,